Monday, September 1, 2008

A mood elevating patient

It was Monday,the beginning of a busy week. My mood as I entered my consulting room was not good.May be the morning blues.Or depressed thinking about a week full of work ahead.
First 2 patients came in and went out.My mood remained the same.
Then walked in[or literally carried in by his son] a retired school teacher.He is above 80. He is a regular patient of mine for last 4 years.He is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes,Benign prostatic enlargement,Osteoarthritis etc etc. Regularly he becomes sick when I am out of station. This time it happened again. He tried to contact me for a trivial cold. He could not as I was away for a week.This made him restless.His sleep was reduced.Then he started running a temperature.The son took him to another doc the next day. Medicines were prescribed.The symptoms were reduced but he was not satisfied.
He held my hand and told me he is so happy seeing me. He said he do not feel good.There is no appetite or sleep. He was afraid he will die before I came back.The son remarked that the illness actually started when his Dad heard I am out of station and now he will become all right soon.
I examined him and then reassured him that he is only having a mild cold.I also told him I won't go anywhere next 2 months. He did not leave my hand for a long time.

The faith and love that the old man had for me made me happy and I began smiling again.My blues were forgotten.

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CALpumper said...

You obviously have a profound affect on some of your patients. Very touching. Thanks for sharing.