Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Virus Attack

My State Kerala on the Southern most part of India is reeling under a Virus attack for last 5 months.It is estimated that more than 5 million people are affected this year.Here is the description of such attack.
A 61 year old Grand mother was waiting for her Grandchildren to come home in their school bus.She walked the 50 metres to the bus stop easily.Suddenly she began shivering and felt severe pain on her knees, ankle and wrists.With in minutes she was not able to move.By the time the Grandchildren came she had to catch a 3 wheeler Taxi[Autorikshaw] to reach home.She had to be carried into the house and by then had developed high fever.
She was admitted in a local hospital were she was given injections for reliving pain and fever.Her fever subsided by 3 days.But on the fourth day she developed reddish rashes over her nose,cheeks, ears, neck and arms.Her shin was swollen reddish and painful.The rashes were mildly itching.She had also few nodular swellings on her neck and armpit.Her joint pain was better with pain killers and she could eat normally.

By the 6th day her rashes had disappeared,also the nodules in her neck.But a dark color remained on her nose Her joint pain was maximum when she got up from bed in the morning.Her moments were limited with out anti-inflammatory medicines.
This state of health continued for almost 3 months.She took all types of treatment including Ayurveda,Homeopathy and Naturopathy with out any success.
By the end of 3 rd month she was able to reduce the dose of anti inflammatory medicines and in another 2 weeks she could stop all medicines and remain pain free.
Which virus is responsible for this attack?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My first posting

Hello there,

I am a primary/secondary care Physician from Kerala, India.Was interested in blogging but was hesitant to start.But I am starting now.

This will be about Health,medicine,Patients,Doctors and anything I feel like writing about.