Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two births that made me happy

Last week two births made me very happy.

I had blogged about one of the mother before. She was a type 1 Diabetic dependent on Insulin for more than 12 years now. I had blogged about my interview with her to-be-husband  in 'Strange Interview' . Also I had posted about the first time she became pregnant in 'Happy News' and about her abortion in 'Sad News'. Now she has delivered a healthy baby. She recently came to me with her husband and the new born and we were all smiling.
Many type 1 Diabetics deliver normal healthy babies but  still it is a difficult task. Perinatal mortality and still birth rates are 4 to 5 times of normal pregnancies. That is why we were smiling.

The other birth was the planned conception and delivery of a  baby for an HIV positive couple.The couple were my patients for last 5 years.They had asked me the possibility of parenting a child before .Initially I did not encourage them because I did not knew how compliant they will be with the treatment.schedule. They were regular in their follow up and very compliant in taking medicines in time. When they asked me again after 3 years of Anti retro viral therapy I was more positive.I directed them to a suitable center for guidance. After a lot of counseling they were ready to accept the risks involved. They did everything as told and the mother delivered by cesarian section a healthy baby recently.

This proved that nothing is impossible for a 'positive' couple.
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