Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy News

The type 1 Diabetic I mentioned in A Strange Interview married that guy.I was specially invited for that marriage. It was on a working day and I excused myself.Send a greetings instead. I had 2 reasons for not attending the marriage. The obvious reason is I was busy as all doctors are. The other reason which I thought is some thing entirely different.I am not sure it is correct. Going to a gathering where I am invited because I am the doc treating the bride's illness may highlight the fact of her illness among even those who do not know it. I did not want that.
The marriage was almost a year ago. 10 days ago she called saying her blood sugars are unusually high.I asked her to come and see me. There was nothing wrong on examination.Then I asked her about her menstrual periods. She is late by few days.As her periods were irregular how late she did not know. I asked for a Urine Pregnancy test. It was positive.Yes she was Pregnant. I was happy but also worried that from now onwards extra care have to be taken to ensure a normal pregnancy and delivery. Her HbA1c was 6.9, which is fairly good.I am hoping for an uneventful pregnancy.

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