Friday, September 19, 2008

A Study in Contrast

The other day two of my patients were boys who presented so differently.Their stories were a study in contrast.
The first boy came along with his anxious parents.Both of them were school teachers. The boy was around 14 years and appeared healthy.
' What brings you here?' I asked.
' His urine is frothy'.The mother said.Is he having a kidney problem? They were very anxious as a classmate of their son had Kidney disease.
I examined him in detail and could not find anything wrong.Then I asked for a series of tests of urine and Blood and that too were normal.
I reassured the parents and send them off.

The other' boy' came with his father.They were from a village 30kms away. They came with a reference letter from a Local doctor.The ' boy' looked as if he is about 12 years old. When I looked down at the patient file in front of me I was shocked to see the age written as 23.Was it a clerical mistake?I asked the father about the boy's age.Yes it is 23. I read the reference letter.Yes he was referred to me to find a reason for his short stature.
I examined him. His height was 123cm and weight 24 Kilograms. He did not show any features of puberty. He had no hair growth over face, chest, armpits or genitalia.
His penis was small and testicles rudimentary. His voice was like that of a 10 year old child. It seemed as if his body got stuck at 10 years for the last 13 years.
'When did you notice that there is something wrong in your son?' I asked the father.
He told me that once a doctor told him the boy had problems and need many tests to find out the cause,but nothing was done.
Why those tests were not done?
Money was the major problem he said apologetically. 'Also I was sick for several years.So there was nobody to take him to distant City to do the tests.' He added.
He is probably a case of ' Pituitary Dwarfism'. It is an abnormality rarely seen in children.They stop growing early or growth is very much delayed. This is caused by deficiency of Growth hormone . Such children may have deficiency of other hormones also.This may result in lack of sexual maturity as seen in this boy.
Early diagnosis in the childhood is important. Treatment with Growth Hormone Injections usually makes a big difference.But it have to be given before adulthood.By 18 to 20 years the bone plates fuses and further growth is not possible.
Treatment with sex hormones may help this 'boy' to mature.But he will never gain height. He could have gained height if treatment was started when he was around 15 or earlier.
Such contrasting tales I see in my practise regularly. India is full of such contrasts. Over anxious literate and well off parents who know many things and is afraid of all known and unknown diseases attacking their children on the one hand,and the illiterate poor rural folk who accepts everything that is given to them as destiny on the other hand.
India is a land of
Luxury,opulence and high education on one side
poverty,illiteracy and ignorance on the other side.

When will this huge divide go away?

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