Friday, September 5, 2008

Fasting Season

During the last week of August my out patients were mainly Muslims getting ready for traditional fasting during the month of Ramadan.As I was out of station also for some days my hands were full with patients.
Most of them are regular patients who wanted my guidance and approval before starting fasting. They want their blood sugar,Cholesterol and Blood pressure checked. They wanted my advise regarding timing of medication. As they fast from day break to Sunset medicines have to be taken late evening and early morning. Most of them are happy when I tell them they can fast. Some sick old people who may not be able to with stand fasting have to be told no. Some times they insist and then I will say try for few days, and if you feel sick stop.
Some patients I see only just before fasting season. They will be Diabetic or having high blood pressure. They never come for follow up visits even though they are taking medicines. They come during this time because they also want a reassurance that they can fast.Their face will show guilt as I ask where were you all this time. After hearing my lecture regarding the importance of frequent blood testing and follow up visits some may change their habits. But many in this group I am sure will come only next year.
From the experience of last 10 years I know that I cant change everybody.

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