Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too much work

I have not been posting in this blog for some time now. Thought I should revive it with more posts.

I left the Government service thinking I will be able to give more time, deserving time, to each of my patient when I work as a private consultant. 7 years as a private consultant and I am not happy with the amount of time I am able to give to each patient. This is particularly true during this busy Fever season. As the time I stay in the same place and see patients increases the number of Patients/families who have absolute faith in me increases. Thus a large pool of patients are created who just want an opinion from me. Many a time I am not able to give deserving time for each patient, still they are satisfied. I am now trying to consciously to reduce the number of patients I see, and it is difficult. I will have to make a large number of people unhappy with this, but I feel I do not have a choice. Let me see how it works.