Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too much work

I have not been posting in this blog for some time now. Thought I should revive it with more posts.

I left the Government service thinking I will be able to give more time, deserving time, to each of my patient when I work as a private consultant. 7 years as a private consultant and I am not happy with the amount of time I am able to give to each patient. This is particularly true during this busy Fever season. As the time I stay in the same place and see patients increases the number of Patients/families who have absolute faith in me increases. Thus a large pool of patients are created who just want an opinion from me. Many a time I am not able to give deserving time for each patient, still they are satisfied. I am now trying to consciously to reduce the number of patients I see, and it is difficult. I will have to make a large number of people unhappy with this, but I feel I do not have a choice. Let me see how it works.


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

difficult predicament, i should say.we patients like our doctors to be always available. the thought of a accessible doctore is always such a relief to us.
i honestly feel you should not reduce yourr patients. that is, of course, if your time and health permit.

Charakan said...

Actually we Drs, or at least me like to be available for my patients more freely.But as the number of patients who have trust in you increases it becomes more and more difficult to attend to each and every one.
I was working for around 12 hrs a day and now has reduced it by around 1 and a half hours so that I get more time to be with kids and help them in their studies. May be after 5-7 yrs when kids require less of your time, I may be able to give more time for my patients.

Riyaz.Sheena said...

wrong choice i would say doc..

Aps said...

Hi Doc, nice to have hit upon your blog. First of all, both of us belong to the same native place and secondly because, I have a fascination for medical science and human anatomy when I have had nothing to do with it till my PG. And yet, I work in the health care field, read a lot about medicine and yearn to do something for the cancer sufferers. Will keep in touch- Aps.