Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is it AIDS doctor?

A 48 year old man came to my clinic with his brother. The man is working in one of the Persian Gulf Countries. He was in Persian Gulf for the last few years but was not regularly employed.He was staying with and was dependent on his friends and relatives most of the time. 5 months ago he was fortunate enough to get a good job. Finally he started sending money to his family in India.

His illness also started 5 months ago.He began getting loose stools. Some times there was blood in the stools.He lost all his appetite and became thin.His friends asked him to see a doctor. He did not had a health insurance or other benefits.He knew that seeing a doctor there means lot of money.He applied for leave to come to India for treatment,but it was rejected. He continued to suffer and lost around 20 kilograms in weight. Sensing something wrong his boss gave him leave.Thus he presented before me.

He was extremely ill looking, thin and emaciated. He said he is having frequent tummy pain along with loose stools.Some times it is mixed with blood, which he attributed to Piles. He was pale and his blood pressure was on the lower side.I asked him to lie down. I examined his abdomen. He had a fairly large and hard palpable Liver.He also had pain on pressing his lower abdomen on the left side.For me the diagnosis was obvious.

I asked him to do some blood tests and an Ultra sonogram of his abdomen and come back to me with the reports in 2 hours.
Both of them went out but the patient's brother returned immediately, came close to me and asked
'Is it AIDS doctor?
I wish it was AIDS. I replied.
His face showed his confusion.I explained. Probably it is advanced Colonic cancer which had spread to Liver. If in operable the chances of survival are very slim.
If it is AIDS I can offer a lot and he will live healthy for long.But......
The Ultrasound scan suggested my impression was correct.He was referred to higher centre. Subsequent CT Scan and a colonoscopic biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.

Yesterday was his day of surgery.It was planned to remove the colonic tumour and to give chemotherapy later for the Liver lesion. His brother called me in the afternoon.He was crying when he said that the colon tumour was in operable as there was adherence to Urinary bladder. They just did a diversion of bowel to abdominal wall so that he wont have obstruction to bowel movements. His days are numbered.

Colonic cancers especially on the left side are slow growing and are diagnosed early because of alteration in bowel habits and bloody stools. When diagnosed early it is a curable cancer.
This patient because of his circumstances delayed seeking medical help which now proved was suicidal.

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