Sunday, August 31, 2008

A strange interview

It happened some time ago. She is a 31 yr old Type 1 Diabetic patient of mine. She called me up one day saying a guy will come to see me asking about her health condition. He is her prospective bride groom. The families contacted through a matrimonial ad. He had met her and her family. Now he wants to know how healthy she is.

In India most of the time it is the family/parents who search and find partners for their sons and daughters.[Things are changing but slowly] The parents of my Type 1 patient were in search of a bridegroom for some years now. She had called me before also, saying a guy or his parents may come and ask about her. But nobody had come to me yet.She had a stable and well paying Govt job and this had attracted many suitors.Still her T1 status might have dissuaded her prospective grooms. As far as I know she had said no to one or two suitors too.

He called me 2 or 3 times on phone before fixing a suitable time to see me. He was a serious looking guy, little bald may be around 35 years. He introduced himself and mentioned the name of my patient[his proposed bride].
We were silent for sometime.Then I started interviewing him.He is only having a temporary job in a Company,but his family had some agricultural land and according to him are financially stable.
He did not knew how to start his questions.I helped him by asking what he want to know.
How serious is her Diabetes?
Will she need Insulin through out her life?
Can she become pregnant and deliver children?
Will the children inherit her Diabetes?

Some how I thought this Guy is nice and dependable. I wanted my patient to get a good partner.So the picture of her health status that I presented to him was very positive.

Yes, she needs Insulin through out her life.Her body is not producing Insulin,a hormone essential for Sugar metabolism. We are injecting it so that she can live normally.
She have no other defect.
She can become and pregnant deliver normal children.
Finally I also added that she is having the best blood sugar control among my Type 1 patients.

I had a feeling that he was satisfied and happy. She came the next day and wanted to know everything.I told her in detail.Then she asked me 'How you feel about him?' I said I felt he is nice and dependable. She looked at my face intently and I gave her a reassuring smile.


Anil Singhal said...

..and we dont' know what happened thereafter. But I believe they lived happily thereafter.

Indian Home Maker said...

I never realised until recently what doctors get to see and experience!! I hope she found a happy life with this man.

Charakan said...

Anil, Welcome here.
I had posted twice more about her.She had an abortion and later a normal

Charakan said...

Yes Drs have to face many things.
They are living fine now.

N said...

Hello... Found you via IHM's blog. You know I never thought about doctors and school teachers as human.. bad syringe experiences and canings. But 3 years of working in health care sector i had to change my mind. I hope they're happy, wherever they're.