Monday, August 11, 2008

A happy death?

He was 74. He had diabetes and high blood pressure. He had also suffered from a Minor Stroke. He was a regular in my clinic for last 7 years. He takes his medicines regularly, tests his blood sugar frequently, and follows all my advise religiously. He came for his regular followup 2 weeks ago.

Today morning he is no more. His son called me and told me that he died in his sleep. He was apparently normal when he went to sleep. Today morning he did not wake up. Probably he had a peaceful death.

He wished for such a death. He never wanted to trouble his children and relatives. He never wanted his children to spend their hard-earned money to make him survive for a few more months or an year. He asked me never to admit him in ICU if he fell ill. He was a pensioner and could easily afford the medicines I prescribed, but nothing more than that.

Was he conscious when he died? What was his thoughts then? Did he yearn for a few more days of life? Or was he happy in death? One never knows.

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