Friday, August 22, 2008

Type 2 or Type 1 Diabetes? Not sure yet

The 12 yr old girl with Diabetes about whom I posted few days ago came with her lab reports. The C peptide level was in the upper range of normal.It means considerable amount of Insulin is being secreted from her Pancreas.

Does it mean she is having Type 2 Diabetes? We cannot be sure yet. There is something called 'honey moon' period in Type 1 Diabetes where the patient's requirement of Insulin injections will be less or even nil. That does not mean the patient is not suffering Type 1 Diabetes. After such honey moon period which lasts for few months the Insulin requirement will increase and the patient will show all features of Type 1 Diabetes.

Let us hope it is not Type 1 Diabetes but only time will tell.Meanwhile I have started her on Oral tablets in addition to Insulin.Let us see the response.


Nilamazha said...

Your narration about diabetics and related experience as a doctor is really worth. pls post more informative news.

Best wishes.............

Charakan said...

Welcome here.
I will try to post more.