Monday, November 17, 2008

It seemed they all want her to die

She is 21 years old.She is my patient for the last few days.She is sick, really sick, probably spending her last days under my care.
The family is around her.Her widowed mother,her Uncles,her grand mother etc.They are taking care of her in the usual loving and caring way as any other family will do. But some how for me it seemed they all want her to die.

Why? Because she is an HIV positive person.After being treated for various illnesses symptomatically the real reason for her problem, her positive status was revealed only few days ago.She was immediately referred to the nearest Government facility treating such patients.
The family took her home instead.After 2 days her Uncles came to me.They wanted some treatment but did not want hospital admission.

'Let me first see her condition and decide I said.
They brought her soon.Her condition was really poor.I explained to the relatives. I told them it may be better to take her to a Higher centre with better facilities.They flatly refused. I realised then that I am her last hope.
It seemed they all wanted her to die.

I am trying my level best.But she may be fighting a losing battle.

The follow up of this patient can be read in my posts in December and January


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Hope she has a miraculous recovery.
God bless.


Charakan said...

Thank you for the comment and your prayer.She is showing some improvement,but.....I dont know.

Seema said...

Why do they want that for their own child? It is highly depressing to even hear this..My Prayers for this kid and hope for the best.

Charakan said...

Seema,They want that because of the stigma.If she was married and her husband is also positive stigma would have been less. I will only blame the society made up of each one of us not them.
Good news is she is better.Much better news is after a long talk with the mother and an Uncle they seems to be happy that she is better.

Anrosh said...

years ago cancer was a stigma, now it is HIV - doesn't simple logic say it is a virus which cause weakening of the immune system ?

the society is not worried about the disease per se, but "how" the disease was contracted. and lest the rest of the world know it. The sound churning of gossip mill is more scary than the health of the patient itself.

Sashu... said...

Hmmmm...Hope she recovers. I know chances are low, but yea, I believe in miracles!! :)

Charakan said...

Sashu, you did not follow the other 2 links?
Sorry my fault too.I will edit this post and link this to two newer posts abt the girl