Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It seemed they all wanted her to die -Part 2

You may remember the post with above title few days ago.As a follow up I have both good and bad news.
Good news first.
The 'Positive' girl slowly improved. I took her out of ICU after 4 days and by 6th day she was insisting on going home. But she was very weak and taking very little food. I delayed for a day and then discharged her giving a prescription for 7 days. Before discharge I had a long talk with her mother and one her uncles.I told them that she is still not out of danger.I told them the plan of treatment.I told them if we do all we can for her she can be saved.I reassured that there is no threat of any one of the family members getting infected.They listened to me seriously asking me to clarify if they could not understand.Over all I thought they are coping well and have a genuine interest in the welfare of the girl.I told them to come to the hospital with her on the 8 th day of discharge.

Now the bad news.

Now it is the 15th day of her discharge. They have not brought her to me on the 8th day as per my advise. What might be the reason? Had they taken her to another doctor? If it is so, it is OK.Had they lost interest in her and is not continuing the treatment? That is unpardonable negligence.Or ......had she died?
I don't know what to do. Should I try to trace her?


Seema said...

If I were you, I would positively try to trace her.. I feel it is an extension of professional responsibility. Of course you cannot do that to every patient but some special cases like this I guess one can do it. No??

CALpumper said...

I agree with Seema.

It would put your mind at ease by simply knowing where she is, if she is ok.

Keep us posted.

The Layman said...

It is easy for us to sit and say "trace her". But you are the one who has to do it.

I would say do what you feel right.

Charakan said...

Thank you for the comments. With all your encouragement I found out a contact number from her file and called.Her Uncle answered.He said she is doing ok, will come for review soon.He said they bought medicines for few more days as they were not able to keep the appointment.[In India Patients will easily get refill of medicines with out a fresh prescription]I again emphasised compliance with treatment schedule.

May be my fears were out of place.They may be taking care of her as much as they can.I dont know.