Monday, June 30, 2008

A Story of Discrimination

The day after I wrote about Stigma and Discrimination I had to listen to a tale full of that.
She was working in a Government run rural pre-school centre. Her 4 year old son [who was always sick] was diagnosed to have AIDS. He succumbed to his disease.Both she and her husband were tested 'positive'.The news got around and the parents of the kids under her care and even some of her co-workers began whispering. Finally they told her not to come for her job.
The District Health authorities intervened and tried to pacify the parents.After few months She went back to work but still had to face lot of problems. So she stopped going though
she continued to be employed there officially.
Now she is sick and came to see me.She first saw me few months ago at the Positive Network's office where I was there for my health class. There she saw me sharing food with the 'positives'.So she had confidence in me.As soon as she settled in her chair in my room she revealed that she is 'positive'.Then she told her story.
Her immunity was low for quite some time and she should have started ART[Anti HIV treatment] a year ago. But psychologically down due to her troubles in her work place she did not go to the ART centre.
She was really ill,most probably suffering from multiple infections due to her low immunity. She wanted some immediate relief but again refused to go to ART Centre. After listening to her whole story I talked to her explaining that there is no short cuts.She will get relief only if she start the correct treatment. I reassured her that there wont be any discrimination at the ART centre. At the end she promised me she will go and get the treatment.
I hope she will.Otherwise I don't think she can survive another year.


Anonymous said...

What a heart and soul touching entry ... I have a question. Why cant you treat her? If she doesnt want to go to the ART-centre? I guess it might be, bec. there the med r cheaper or for free. But there should be a system, that, if someone doesnt want to go to the ART centre, the doc (like you for example) should get this special med. from the ART-centre for the same price. Then there wont be a diff. and she would be by the doc she trusts.

charakan said...

Actually she is not taking treatment because her spirit to fight the disease is lost because of the stigma and discrimination she faced.At the ART centre she will be treated well.Yes as you said there the medicines and the consultation is free.With me I can make the consultation free but medicines cost some money.