Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reasons for disliking a patient

We doctors like many patients and dislike some others and is neutral towards most.

Why should I dislike a patient? Let me think.......

These are some of the reasons for disliking a patient.

I dislike a patient

1.who walks in [as if going to a movie] leaving his previous medical records safe at home making me do all the guessing about his previous illnesses

2.who gives you the diagnosis himself/herself [see my blog entry 'self diagnosis']

3.who talks ill of his/her previous doctor imagining that it will gain my good will.

4.who fakes the severity of his/her illness to jump the Que at my clinic

5.the one that never take the medicines as prescribed explaining that his/her neighbour[or a friend?] had told that it is over dose.

6.the one who refill the prescription [containing medicines which should not be used long term] again and again with out consultation

7.the one who never take pains to come to the clinic but rely on telephonic consultation.

8.the one who never do the tests I ordered but just want prescription for medicines.

9.the one who falsely blame me for not keeping the date of followup appointment [saying falsely I was away on that date or the Clinic telephone was down].

10.the one who had come for his wife's illness but want me to check his blood pressure and give some free advise regarding which Blood Pressure medicine is the best.

Now please tell me the reasons for disliking a doctor by a patient.


Anonymous said...

Hello doc... Hello Sir!!!

I feel free to tell you some reasons, why a patient might dislike a doctor.
- Some doctors dont take their patients serious, if they are not very sick. Some patients just need the attention of a doc. (good for their psych.). And then this patients can see the bored face of their "heros".

- some doctors take fee for every single hand-movement they do

- some doctors dont hide their desinterest on seeing patients if they might not have a good day. But as a doc you have to leave your daily matters at home.

- some doctors arent always empathetic with their patients.

- Some doctors might not understand why a patient is doing the selfdiagnosis.

- When patients dont take the high dose of pills which a doc prescribed, then it might be the reason, that a patient knows his body better than a doc. And some patients react on half of the dose same than others on the normal dose. It depends on how often a pts is taking any pills and so on. But this is not often asked by a doctor.

If someone doesnt feel good with a high dose, then he/she would take only half of it, as the psyche will do the rest. And if this pts. would take the high dose, then then the psyche would also do a lot and the pts might feel worse than without pills.

But does a doc. care abt that? No ... and why ? Bec. every second is money. And as more pts / min. the more money is made.

I dont want to offend you, and I hope you are not taking that personal. I am talking about general doctors and what might be the reasons for me to dislike a doc.

Take care and have nice days P.A.

charakan said...

I am not offended and it is always good to get feed back from patients.i agree to most of your points.
If taken in half dose some medicines may do harm than good.For example an antibiotic when taken in half dose may result it growth of resistant organisms.It is always better to inform the doctor about your previous drug intolerances. Take the prescribed dose and if feeling not comfortable with it get back to the doctor. In case of pain killers you can reduce the dose yourself if uncomfortable. Have a nice day too