Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reasons for liking a patient

Do I really dislike a patient who does things that I don't like as I said in previous blog?I will be unhappy and disappointed with the patient but there is no dislike.I was exaggerating.
But some patients I like very much.It is always a pleasure to talk to them and take care of them.Why?Let me tell you the reasons.
I like a patient
1.who will come to see me only with a proper appointment and will do otherwise only in case of a real emergency
2.who will come with all his relevant medical records for me to pursue
3.who will tell me all his symptoms in a chronological order[may even come writing it down] so that I can get a clear picture
4.who will try to clear all his doubts regarding the diagnosis,tests to be done and the medicines to be taken then itself
5.who will not come back with a new symptom[which is actually present for years] after reaching the door on the way out
6.who will not make me spend a lot of time on telephone as a follow up to the consultation.
7.who will keep his review appointment and come back with all the tests I ordered
8.who will inform me why if he /she could not keep the review appointment
9.who takes all the medicines in proper dosage and for the proper duration[if not will inform me and not lie]
10.who if not better with the medicines will tell me that in a nice way so that I do not feel bad.

May be I can go on and on like that. Most doctors may feel similarly.So next time you visit a doctor you will know what he likes and dislikes. It may help in you getting prompt diagnosis and better treatment.

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