Thursday, June 26, 2008

Negative thoughts about 'Positives'

Recently I was attending a dinner and having small talk with my doctor friends. A doctor was talking about how lucky he was in finding out one of his patient was HIV positive just in time to refer him to a Government Medical College without causing any 'damage' to his nursing home. He was patting himself in the policy of his Nursing Home to screen all patients for HIV and to refer all patients who were found 'positive'. At the same time he was lamenting that these 'positive brutes' always hide their 'Positive' status.
Why do they hide the 'positive' status?Especially why do they hide in front of that doctor?
None of them hide their 'positive' status from me.Because they knew from their friends or relatives or other doctors that I never discriminate. So why they hide their status elsewhere? Because they fear stigma and discrimination. They know that the moment the 'positive' status is known they will be discriminated and stigmatised.If there is so much stigma and discrimination among medical community what can you expect from common people?

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Anonymous said...

You just answered your question "why selfdiagnosis and selfmedication" by yourself. I am proud and happy, that my most trusted doc. is not like that "bad example" of a doctor. This person should feel shame to think like that.