Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Follow up

I had narrated about many people/patients in my postings. This is a post which will tell you about where they stand now.[as far as I know]

The 31 year old newly wed wife who preferred Insulin to tablets is now well controlled on a single tablet. She also started working part time and looking forward to get pregnant.

The 50 year old lady who took money from me [as narrated in patient taking money from doctor]for her bus ticket returned the amount promptly next month. But I have not heard from the other guy whom I helped on the same day for getting Government certificate.

The 65 years old Type 2 Diabetes patient who disturbed my sleep by missing her Insulin injections for a few days was hospitalised for 3 more times, all around 2 am, with hypoglycemia.The doctor on duty managed her all the time with out disturbing my sleep.

The patient in Another sad 'positive' story is doing well with anti Tuberculosis treatment.His CD4 count is also low and may need anti HIV medicines too shortly.

The guy in Craze for specialist consultation was diagnosed to have Hepatitis B. He went to a Gastro-enterologist for better care, but was unhappy with the lack of communication of that particular specialist.He came back to me again and has now recovered well.He is back in Bangalore working.
The 12 year old girl with Diabetes in Type 1 or Type 2 did not keep her follow up appointments. I hope she is getting treatment and monitoring from some where else, may be from Government run clinics as the family was very poor.

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