Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Call for a Google doodle for World Diabetes Day on November 14

India is the diabetes capital of the world with estimated 41 million Indians having diabetes.Every fifth diabetic in the world is an Indian.It is believed that about one third of the Diabetic in India do not know they have Diabetes.

You've seen the cool "doodles" that Google has done for Holidays, important moments in history etc etc.

Well the Diabetes Online Community wants Google to do one on November 14Th for World Diabetes Day to increase awareness about Diabetes.
So click here to Petition Google for a World Diabetes day doodle.

Thank you for bringing more awareness to Diabetes!!!

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CALpumper said...

woo hoo! Thanks Doc!

Pain is now simple soreness. Swelling is almost all gone. Getting there. ;-)