Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slow melodious and soulful Music

Nimmy has tagged me to list ten songs from two languages,those songs which are slow ,melodious and soulful. I am selecting ten Malayalam songs and five Hindi songs. These and many others are among my favourites.

Malayalam songs

1. Shyama sundara pushpame
Sung by Yesudas, Music K Raghavan,Lyric ONV Film Yudhakandam
2. Hridayathin romancham Sung by Yesudas,music by K Raghavan written by G.KumaraPillai for the film 'Utharayanam'

3. Kanner poovinte kavilil Sung by M.G.Sreekumar Lyrics Kaithapram,Music Johnson Film 'Kireedom'

4. Onnini Sruthi Thazhthi a non-film song sung by Jayachandran Lyrics ONV Music Devarajan

5. Mouname nirayum mouname Janaki sings Poovachal Kadher's lines tuned by M.G.Radhakrishnan in 'Thakara'
6.Chaithram Chayam chalichu Song from 'Chillu' Yesudas singing ONV's lines tuned by MBS
7.Ende Kadinjool Pranaya kathayile Yesudas sings ONV's lines tuned by MBS in Ulkaadal
8. Manasa Maine varu Manna Dey sings Vayalar's lines tuned by Saleel Choudary in 'Chemmen'
9. O Mridhule [sad version] Yesudas sings Sathyan Anthikad's lyrics tuned by M.G.Radhakrishnan in 'Njan ekananu"
10. Arikil nee undayirunenkil, Yesudas sings ONV's lyrics set to tune by Devarajan in 'Nee ethra dhanya"

Hindi Songs

1. ye rath bheegi bheegi

2.O duniya ke rakhwale

3.Poocho na kaise maine

4.Mere nasseb mein aye dost

5.Chupke Chupke raat din
Anyone reading this can do a similar exercise and share it.


Seema said...

Thats a nice list of super sad songs :-)

Piper .. said...

'chupke chupke' is my favourite too :)

Charakan said...

Seema, all are not sad songs. Try such a selection in your own blog please

Charakan said...

Piper,welcome to this blog. Do this tag on your blog please

Piper .. said...

just finished with a reallllly long tag. But I shall do this soon :) it`ll be fun i`m sure.

Charakan said...

Piper,yes it is fun doing it.Please do it at your leisure

Nimmy said...

:) Beautiful ones..

I am hearing Hydayathim romancham for the first time..Heavy lyrics,but yes,a classic one...I love onnini shruthi tazthi..Shyama sundara pushpame...My favorite..Kanner poovinte-soulful song,i love it.. Ente kadinjool prnanayakadha..

I didn't like Janaki's song(taraka)

Interesting choices form a doctor :) You seem to be a love-filled and streesed out soul :) just kidding..

O Dunya ke rakhwale drove me crazy..Yeah,i an familiar with the song,but i don't like listening to such songs,as they make me depressed.. Yeh raat beegi beegi -ah i love it...Poocho na kaise-i am hearing it for the first time,liked it so much..

Thanks for doing :)

Charakan said...

Thank u Nimmy for the comments.Hridayathin romancham is not a very popular song.It is a poem, the Raga is subhapanthuvaraly, a purely classical song.I like the lyrics of all the above songs except kanner poovinde. Its lyrics are not very good.Mridule is also very touching.
I am shocked to hear you have not heard poocho na kaise :) At the same time I have not heard many of the new ones you selected.

Charakan said...

loved filled and stressed out soul..... may be true

Anonymous said...

"may be true '... :) Find happiness in what you have..Most of us are streesed bcoz we think the grass is greener on the other side-the side which we missed. My life tells me that it is not so..Every people,every incident,every thing in life has its own goodness and it is our skill or rather smartness that we find happiness in what we have..

lol..Sorry for my crap philosophy..I don't know why did I tell you think now,just like that...

Charakan said...

Nimmy,I dont think grass is greener on the other side.Saw enough life to know that it is not.I meant stressed out for time.Would like each day to be of atleast 30hrs duration.

Anonymous said...

:) ok..sorry for guessing it wrong :) Yeah,even i wished a day is more longer than 24 hr,i wish nights were tooooooo long that i could sleep more ;-)

vikas s said...

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