Monday, July 7, 2008

Relief in death

Many of the patients admitted to my hospital are old and of course they are sick. When you are both sick and old and if you are dependent on your children or some other relatives ,you may become a burden to them.

I have many patients in their 80s, very sick, living in and out of the hospital. Most of them are taken care of well by their children, but when I talk to the son or daughter who is taking care, I can feel the burden they feel.
"How many more days Sir?
Why so frequent admissions?
Will some thing happen all of a sudden?
Will these medicines really help?
Is ICU admission really needed?"
In those questions I can feel the financial burden. Also, the strain on the family due to disrupted schedule, lost working days, sleepless nights etc. etc.,.

The death when it finally come is a relief for all. Relief for the patient from misery and also from being a burden to their kids. Relief for the children from the expensive task of looking after their parent. Relief for me so that I need not see both the patient and children suffering.

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Singh said...

thanks for sharing your Experiences they are really truthful & heart touching.
i am 38 year of age no one knows when its is my turn. but i 100% agree with your opinion of death as a relief for every one. this world is not going to stuck because of any one person this circle will be going on forever but we should not forget doing good deeds for the whole of the universe.