Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mind and Body

An 18 year old boy is coming to me frequently with complaints of severe headache.I had a provisional diagnosis of Migraine.Standard treatment regimens were not working.His visits continued.Then one day he came with his mother.I asked her mother whether she can think about any reason for his headache.She said it started after his father's sudden death.Then I understood that that his symptoms were psychosomatic and may need psychological counselling rather than medicines
In a primary care Physician's practise such patients are very common may be as much 30 percent of Out patient practise.On a busy day one often forget or don't have time to assess the mind of the patient and the cause of the illness may remain undetected

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Abdul Vahid said...

Hai Friend,

Very Good. A big majority of our patients suffers from PSYCOLOGICAL defects, not physical.